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Visualizza i profili da noi selezionati

Gentile utente in questa sezione puoi consultare profili commerciali tecnologici e di ricerca partner europei, da noi estrapolati.

Individuato il profilo di vostro interesse potete richiedere i contatti del soggetto a cui il profilo appartiene.
Lo staff EEN vi invierà i relativi contatti.

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Richieste e offerte commerciali

La sezione profili di ricerca e offerta commerciale contiene profili di imprese estere che offorono o ricercano partnership commerciali.

Hungarian electronics device trading company seeks European suppliers in the telecommunication/electronics device industry A Hungarian electronics device trading company is ... It is requesting the partnership of supplier companies in the telecommunication industry, with special attention to smartphone traders. The starting date of the partnership would be when both parties have the obvious written intention of engaging in said relationship and would last until both parties have a written expression to interrupt it. The company suggests to have a personal meeting once a year in order to review the results of the partnership. The company would prefer if the supplier had the ability to export to Hungary on a regular basis in order to maintain continuous cooperation. It wishes to maintain the flow of products on a weekly basis or even more often if possible. This would depend on how quickly each deal is being done between the company and the partner company. The intended quantity of products (smartphones) to purchase from the partner is 800 pieces per week. The company is also very flexible in terms of personal meetings, and it is open to them after the first three successful deals. It believes that no matter how far a partner is located, personal meetings always bring interests closer which results in a more prosperous collaboration. After 6 months of successful cooperation the company would be open to talk about distributing different products in roughly around the same quantities as mentioned above. The company prefers very active and flexible partners in terms of daily communication regarding the availability of smartphones, delivery dates and all the related information which makes each deal as well as the cooperation smooth. BR - BRHU20170314001
A Singapore company is looking for IOTs partners with hardware and software design capabilities and IOT end users with technical capabilities interested in incorporating IOT, bluetooth & WiFi technology to their products in Europe. The Singapore company is a leading IC provider and... The ideal candidates should be companies specialising in home appliances, white goods, educational toys, smart plugs, WiFi audio and camera applications, ideally, partners with technical competency with good volume BR - BRSG20170216001
Latvian company is looking for cooperation with Eco certified manufacturer of soap bars Latvian company that is manufacturing household wa... The company with their own eco-household detergent product line is looking for partner that is interested in manufacturing agreement for private label soap bar manufacturing. The potential partners must be eco certified and able to produce soap bars under private label. Initial volumes would be 10000 - 15000 pieces. BR - BRLV20170323001
Richieste e offerte tecnologiche

La sezione profili di ricerca e offerta tecnologica contiene profili di imprese /centri di ricerca e soggetti interessati a collaborare nei processi di trasferimento tecnologico, o che offrono e ricercano determinate tecnologie.

Enterprise blockchain innovation platform A Singapore startup that specialises in comprehens... The type of partners sought include MNEs or SMEs of any sizes. The partner would be one that is a software development firm or innovation consultant who is keen to leverage this platform to develop blockchain applications and POCs for their clients. TO - TOSG20170329001
A large German chemical company is looking for scale up services and a manufacturer for a specialty chemical A large German chemical company requests technolog... The German chemical specialist is looking for a company from chemical industry who is able to produce several hundred tons of sodium salt C in 2018 and able to scale up its production to several thousands tons within five years. TR - TRDE20170406002
Seeking customized cutting-off machine for precise glass tube cutting in longitudinal direction (lengthwise) A small German company specialized in calibrated g... Seeking industrial and engineering companies or service providers with experiences in precision glass processing technologies and the ability to design and supply the cutting plant. Role of partner: Potential partners should have the following competencies and provide: - proof of concept incl. lab trials - design and installation of the machine - testing of the pilot plant - taking over guarantee and service performances All activities and tasks will be fixed under a technology cooperation agreement. TR - TRDE20170406001
Ricerche progetti UE

La sezione progetti UE contiene profili di ricerca di partnership per progetti europei.

H2020- EE-15-2017: looking for industry association involved in the energy efficiency loop A Spanish research organization is preparing a new... The coordinator is seeking an industry/service/consumer association interested in the energy efficiency loop with capacity to involve companies for testing and disseminating the results of the project. RDR - RDES20170403001
A Hungarian authority invites a coordinator and partners to join a project entitled “Spreading the use of innovative financing schemes in Central and Eastern Europe to finance energy efficiency” under the call H2020 EE23 – 2017 Innovative financing schemes A Hungarian authority mandated to finance energy e... Institutions with the following expertise are looked for: • methodologies for evaluating and mitigating technical and financial risks related to ESCO and EPC projects; • methodologies for evaluating lifecycle costs of ESCO and EPC projects; • methods for evaluating risks and returns of energy efficiency in different business models related to investments; • methodologies for aggregating and sythematizing relevant tools for training and teaching purposes; • expertise on developing a web-based database, and interactive toolkit capable of drafting indicative offers based upon the data by the ESCO project host; • expertise on training concepts and tools related to the subject; • expertise on capacity development on the European market for ESCO/EPC projects. The participation of entities experienced in H2020 projects on similar topics (such as CrowdFundRES, guarantEE, EnPC-INTRANS, CITYnvest) is very much appreciated. RDR - RDHU20170403001
Eureka: Research cooperation sought for Nouveaux, a project on search for network function virtualisation ready linux distribution. Based in Istanbul / Turkey, Turkish company define... The ideal partner may either be an SME or a start-up. Role of partner will be to perform joint research activities with the company. RDR - RDTR20170308001