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Hungarian electronics device trading company seeks European suppliers in the telecommunication/electronics device industry 
BR - BRHU20170314001
Data scadenza
A Hungarian electronics device trading company is looking to establish a long-term buyer-supplier agreement with reliable traders of specific brands of smartphones from Europe. The company’s main focus is on the Greek market in terms of finding partners but interested companies from other European countries are also welcome. They are seeking a distribution agreement.
The company was established in Hungary in 2011 and started its operations in 2012. It has been involved in international trading since 2014. Today it has partnerships with companies in more than 17 countries, including Europe as well as third countries. It is a B2B company that (among other electronics products) buys the most popular brands of smartphones from European suppliers and exports them into third countries. The company is constantly looking for long-term, reliable electronics product suppliers, in particular for companies whose trading portfolio mainly consists of smartphones, in order to be able to meet the growing demand from its customers. It already has a standing relationship with Greek partners whom it is very satisfied with, so its main preference would be a partner from that country. Interests from other European countries are also welcome. The preferred and expected outcome of the international co-operation would be a long-term distribution agreement. The company wishes to establish a distribution services agreement. It is requesting the partnership of supplier companies in the telecommunication industry, with special attention to smartphone traders.
Advantages and Innovations
- international trading experience - long-term partnership agreements
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Having all the legal and technical (website, computer, communication channel) background and elements which enable the partner to maintain a continuous and successful collaboration.
Stage of Development
Already on the market
Telephone interconnect and other equipment, Other telephone related, Other communications (not elsewhere classified), Computer stores.
Retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialised stores.
Type and Role of Partner Sought
It is requesting the partnership of supplier companies in the telecommunication industry, with special attention to smartphone traders. The starting date of the partnership would be when both parties have the obvious written intention of engaging in said relationship and would last until both parties have a written expression to interrupt it. The company suggests to have a personal meeting once a year in order to review the results of the partnership. The company would prefer if the supplier had the ability to export to Hungary on a regular basis in order to maintain continuous cooperation. It wishes to maintain the flow of products on a weekly basis or even more often if possible. This would depend on how quickly each deal is being done between the company and the partner company. The intended quantity of products (smartphones) to purchase from the partner is 800 pieces per week. The company is also very flexible in terms of personal meetings, and it is open to them after the first three successful deals. It believes that no matter how far a partner is located, personal meetings always bring interests closer which results in a more prosperous collaboration. After 6 months of successful cooperation the company would be open to talk about distributing different products in roughly around the same quantities as mentioned above. The company prefers very active and flexible partners in terms of daily communication regarding the availability of smartphones, delivery dates and all the related information which makes each deal as well as the cooperation smooth.
Type of Partnership Considered
Distribution services agreement.
Customer Country
Framework Programme