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Eureka: Research cooperation sought for Nouveaux, a project on search for network function virtualisation ready linux distribution. 
RDR - RDTR20170308001
Data scadenza
Based in Istanbul / Turkey, Turkish company defines itself as the partner and specialized in data processing, data security with various vertical applications. Acronymed as "Noveaux" under Celtic Plus call, the project is about targeting the issue of "not having a standardised Linux distribution which is suitable for developing network function virtiualisation (NFV) elements" The company is looking for project partners under research cooperation agreement.
In cloud computing business one of the biggest challenges is maintaining distributed high speed networks. As the cost of high speed networks is high in contrast to cost of computing, NFV products running on mainstream x86-64 environment comes into play. The ongoing approach is to develop NFV instances which can be used also in virtualised environment rather than instead of using mostly non-EU proprietary network appliances. NFV producers are currently building their products on different Linux distributions. It is cheaper and there is now need to standardise for speed and reliability. The company’s more recent lines of research and international partnership directions include the following fields: -IoT -E-Health, Smart HealthSmart City -Smart Production -Industry 4.0 -Factories of Future -Smart Vehicles Research cooperation agreement is sought. The deadline for the call is 16.10.2017.
Advantages and Innovations
Once an NFV-suitable Linux distribution is out, many NFV providers will tend to adopt it to build their NFV products. The proposed project will develop a standardised Linux distribution optimised for NFV to improve speed and robustness of end products based on NFV. This will increase competitiveness of cloud computing companies.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Technical Expertise Sought; -Companies with networking and Linux expertise. -SME or a start-up to accomplish the R&D work.
Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Cloud Technologies.
Systems software, Operating systems and utilities, Communications/networking.
Computer consultancy activities.
Type and Role of Partner Sought
The ideal partner may either be an SME or a start-up. Role of partner will be to perform joint research activities with the company.
Type of Partnership Considered
Research cooperation agreement.
Customer Country
Framework Programme
Evaluation Scheme
Single-stage (Celtic Plus), two-stage (ITEA3)
Anticipated Project Budget
EUR 1.5-3M
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