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Enterprise blockchain innovation platform 
TO - TOSG20170329001
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A Singapore startup that specialises in comprehensive blockchain-based solutions that include complimentary technology and blockchain expertise is offering a ready-to-use blockchain prototyping platform to help enterprises rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. The company is keen to explore commercial, technical cooperation and services partnerships with interested partners (MNEs or SMEs of any sizes) in leveraging this platform for blockchain development.
Institutions are experimenting and investors have poured millions of dollars into blockchain related firms. However, organizations tend to lack the lab-like infrastructure to work with blockchains in a low risk, safe-to-fail setting. The ready-to-use blockchain prototyping platform, developed by the Singapore startup is able to help enterprises rapidly develop their ledgers over a blockchain. It helps enterprises set up and have their own blockchain innovation labs (within their innovation centers), allowing them to test-drive blockchain applications and experiment with the technology at a fraction of the cost and time. The technology stack includes pre-provisioned cloud servers (hosted in Singapore), private permissioned blockchain networks, a cloud development environment and a Git repository with demo blockchain applications. Test-driving pre-deployed demo applications will provide any organization a good starting point to understand the distributed technology and validate potential blockchain projects / used cases. The company is keen to seek partnerships with MNEs or SMEs of any sizes under a commercial, technical cooperation or services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations
The blockchain platform can be used for, but not limited to the following areas: - Supply Chain Tracking - Trade Finance - Customer Loyalty Programs - Digital Rights Management Enterprises can harness the potential of blockchain technology for business benefits.
Stage of Development
Available for demonstration
IPR Status
Exclusive Rights
Computer Software, Computer Technology/Graphics, Meta Computing, Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security, Information Technology/Informatics.
Systems software, Applications software, Banks/financial institutions software, Other industry specific software, Distribution, clearing house.
Data processing, hosting and related activities.
Type and Role of Partner Sought
The type of partners sought include MNEs or SMEs of any sizes. The partner would be one that is a software development firm or innovation consultant who is keen to leverage this platform to develop blockchain applications and POCs for their clients.
Type of Partnership Considered
Services agreement, Technical cooperation agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Customer Country
Framework Programme